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Hi, my name is Katie Jo

My best friends call me Jo.


I’m an athlete, adventurer, and aspiring author. I’ve recently finished my first manuscript and have just begun delving into the publishing process. I currently make a living coaching a youth climbing team and playing with numbers in the accounting department of a post production company.  I spend my free time writing, exploring the world, and doing things that scare me. My dreams are to become a full time writer and outdoor guide and advocate!


Fun Facts


–  I have lived at more addresses than I am years old! The place I currently call home is my sailboat in Marina Del Rey, CA.

– I have a terrible terrible obsession with cake 🙂

– While living in Australia I was stung by a jellyfish and attacked by a wallaby – on the same day!

– At fifth grade sleep away camp, I won an award for being, “The 5th Grade Mountain Goat.” There was also an honorable mention for eating the most pancakes. But we don’t have to talk about that…

– The birthmark on my left arm changes color with the temperature

Rocks I’ve Climbed

  1. State of Grace 5.13b/c – Echo Cliffs
  2. Thinner 5.13a – Echo Cliffs
  3. Crematorium 5.12d – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  4. Hole Patrol 5.12b – Malibu Creek State Park
  5. Go Granny Ho V7 – Buttermilks
  6. High Plains Drifter V7 – Buttermilks
  7. Seven Spanish Angels V6 – Buttermilks

  1. Pride 5.13a – Echo Cliffs

  1. Meager and Weak 5.12c – Echo Cliffs
  2. Insane in the Membrane 5.12b – Owens River Gorge
  3. Dirty Dancing 5.12b – Clark Canyon
  4. Carnivore 5.12b – Echo Cliffs
  5. Drug of Choice 5.12a – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  6. Heinous Cling 5.12a – Smith Rock, OR
  7. Pretty in Pink 5.12a – Echo Cliffs
  8. Incinerator 5.12a – Holcomb Valley
  9. Immaculate 5.12a – Echo Cliffs
  10. Ground Zero 5.12a – Malibu Creek State Park
  11. Thieves in the Temple 5.12a – Owens River Gorge
  12. The Stain 5.12a – Echo Cliffs
  13. Urban Struggle 5.12a – Malibu Creek State Park
  14. Pow! Right in the Kisser 5.12a – Malibu Creek State Park
  15. Liposuction 5.12a – Reimers Ranch, TX
  16. King Spud Direct 5.12a – Clark Canyon
  17. The Drifter 5.12a – Malibu Creek State Park
  18. Fear and Loathing 5.12a – Red Rocks, NV
  19. The Showdown 5.12a – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  20. Maltese Falcon 5.12a – Clark Canyon
  21. Whippersnapper 5.12a – Echo Cliffs
  22. Geezer 5.12a – Echo Cliffs
  23. Perro Del Amor 5.12a – Tick Rock

  1. High Ball 5.11d – Owens River Gorge
  2. Public Hanging 5.11d – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  3. The Hangin’ Judge 5.11d – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  4. Sweet Pain 5.11d – Red Rocks, NV
  5. Java 5.11d – Echo Cliffs
  6. Lalaland 5.11c – Owens River Gorge
  7. Firing Line 5.11c – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  8. Incognito 5.11c – The Lookout
  9. Unforgiven 5.11c – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  10. Cappuccino 5.11c – Echo Cliffs
  11. Luscious 5.11c – Malibu Creek State Park
  12. Feed the Beast 5.11c – Pinnacles National Monument
  13. Spud Boy 5.11c – Clark Canyon
  14. Restrain This 5.11b – Echo Cliffs
  15. Letterbox 5.11b – Malibu Creek State Park
  16. Mandarin Orange 5.11b – Owens River Gorge
  17. Kung Pao 5.11b – Owens River Gorge
  18. Expressway 5.11b – Owens River Gorge
  19. Foreplay 5.11b – Pinnacles National Monument
  20. Homebrew 5.11b – Owens River Gorge
  21. Intensity 5.11b – Echo Cliffs
  22. Americano 5.11b – Echo Cliffs
  23. Hungover 5.11b – Owens River Gorge
  24. Pickpocket 5.11b – Malibu Creek State Park
  25. Hammered 5.11b – Owens River Gorge
  26. Eye to the Sky 5.11b – The Lookout
  27. Hidden Agenda 5.11b – The Lookout
  28. Crash Landing 5.11a – Owens River Gorge
  29. Nipple Denial Syndrome 5.11a – Malibu Creek State Park
  30. Post Orgasmic Depression 5.11a – Pinnacles National Monument
  31. Cig-arete 5.11a – Malibu Creek State Park
  32. Clean Sweep 5.11a – The Buttermilks
  33. Marauding Monkeys 5.11a – Malibu Creek State Park
  34. Gun for Hire 5.11a – New Jack City
  35. Tickled Pink 5.11a – Clark Canyon
  36. Peace Maker 5.11a – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  37. Lunar Eclipse 5.11a – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  38. Love Stinks 5.11a – Owens River Gorge
  39. Espresso 5.11a – Echo Cliffs
  40. Caffeine 5.11a – Echo Cliffs
  41. Quick on The Draw 5.11a – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
  42. Pistol Whipped 5.11a – Holcomb Valley Pinnacles

  1. Junior’s Achievement V8 – Buttermilks
  2. Milk the Milks V6 – Buttermilks
  3. Hemantle V6 – Byron Glacier
  4. Perfectly Chicken V5 – Buttermilks
  5. Bleed Them Dry V5 – Byron Glacier
  6. Go Granny Go Direct V5 – Buttermilks
  7. Go Granny Go Right V5 – Buttermilks
  8. Boy/Girl Boulders Unnamed V4 – Buttermilks
  9. Shadow of Time V4 – Byron Glacier
  10. Solarium V4 – Happy Boulders
  11. Iron Man Traverse V4 – Buttermilks
  12. Black Magic V3 – Happy Boulders
  13. Funky Tut V3 – Buttermilks
  14. Birthday Direct V3 – Buttermilks
  15. The Crack V3 – Stoney Point
  16. Gunsmoke Traverse V2 – Joshua Tree
  17. The All Spark V2 – Byron Glacier

(I have only recently started bouldering outside, so the list is short…for now!)

  1. Chips Off The Ol’ Block 5.10a – Pine Creek Canyon
  2. Surfin Safari 5.9 – Locals Only Rock – Sierra East side
  3. Pipeline 5.8 – Locals Only Rock – Sierra East side
  4. Bishop’s Terrace 5.8 – Yosemite
  5. Snake Dike 5.7 – Half Dome – Yosemite
  6. Olive Oil 5.7 – Red Rocks
  7. Jensen’s Jaunt 5.6 – Tahquitz
  8. Sunnyside Bench Regular Route 5.6 – Yosemite
  9. The Footstool 5.4 – El Cap – Yosemite

(I’m also new to trad, but I LOVE it! Can’t wait to expand this list!)

  • California
    • New Jack City
    • Echo Cliffs
    • Malibu Creek State Park
    • Tick Rock
    • The Lookout
    • The Bat Cave
    • Sierra East side – Buttermilks, Happys, Owens, Rock Creek, Mammoth, Clark Canyon, Locals Only Rock
    • Joshua Tree
    • Pinnacles National Monument
    • Holcomb Valley Pinnacles
    • Point Dume
    • El Cajon
    • Stoney Point
    • Riverside Quarry
    • Tahquitz
    • Yosemite Valley
  • Alaska
    • Seward Highway – Dino Head, Goat’s Head Soup
    • Byron Glacier
  • Arizona
    • Camelback Mountain
  •  Nevada
    • Red Rocks
  • Oregon
    • Smith Rock
    • Rattlesnake
  • Virginia
    • Fredericksburg Area – Alum Springs, Rapp Rocks
  • Chile
    • Santiago Area – Las Palestras, Las Chilcas

Paragliding Timeline

  • 2012, February – I take my first tandem flight with Marty DeVietti in Santa Barbara, CA, launching from Alternator.
  • 2012, Spring – Using a friends old glider, I learn to kite by practicing on the beach in Venice, CA.
  • 2012, May – On a trip to Boulder Colorado, bad weather prevents me from climbing.  But it doesn’t stop me from getting my P1 license from instructor, Granger Banks.
  • 2012, Summer – I start training for my P2 under Rob McKenzie of High Adventure Paragliding in San Bernardino, CA.
  • 2012, November – Rob signs me off on my P2!
  • 2012, November – A trip to Maui, HI has me flying nine days in a row from Echos and Ferns, increasing my confidence on launching and landing.
  • 2013, March – I take a trip to Sand City, CA where I practice high wind kiting and ridge soaring.
  • 2013, Spring/Summer – I begin working with the SoCal XC League, driving retrieve and training under league organizer, Aaron Price.
  • 2013, June – I attend the Rat Race in OR as a volunteer, assisting mostly with lunches and launches, as well as getting several flights in myself.
  • 2013, September – I attend my first SIV Clinic at Lake Berryessa, under the awesome guidance of Brad Gunnuscio of Eagle Paragliding and Paraglide Utah.
  • 2013, November – I have some of my best flights ever on a trip to Chile! Flying over the city of Iquique was amazing!
  • 2014, March –  I get to see some cool sights and have some great flights on tours in Morocco and Spain!
  • 2014, Spring/Summer – I’m once again helping out with the XC League, and this year competing in the brand new sprint division!
  • 2014, November – I attend my second SIV clinic with Brad, in Yelapa, Mexico!  We focus on the two skills I was too nervous to execute last time, spirals and full stalls. Success!!
  • 2014-2015, Winter – Several trips to Phoenix have me spending time with the AZ towing group. Under the amazing, confidence building instruction of Sean Buckner, I do my first land tows and have some great desert flights!
  • 2015, April – I take a trip to fly and climb in Bend, OR, where I practice kiting up hill and have some beautiful glass off flights!
  • 2015, Spring/Summer – I am once again participating in the SoCal XC League, and am happy to see progress in my confidence and skill level since last year!
  • 2015, June – I win the SoCal XC Sprint competition!! Some good decision making in cloudy conditions allows me to scratch my way furthest along the course.
  • 2015, July-August – On a trip to Alaska, I get to fly several new sites in the Anchorage area!  Beautiful views and so much fun!